OptoSigma is proud to offer Precision optics for use in medical, industrial, aerospace, defense, life sciences, and consumer applications.  It manufactures spherical, aspherical, achromatic (also known as achromats), and other types of optical elements as well as provide over 100 various optical coatings for our catalog optics and custom optics.  OptoSigma also offers microscope objectives for UV, visible, and IR applications.  If you are looking for optical filters, polarizers, waveplates, beamsplitters, prisms , optical  flats, and uncoated substrates, we offer those as well.  If you require semi-custom or custom optics, please contact us for those as well.

Optomechanics are the mounts, posts, and bases that interface between the optics in your system or experiment and the work surface (e.g. optical table) .The main jobs of these components are to 1) hold the optic securely over time, 2) allow positioning the optic coarsely to the optical axis height), and 3) for adjustable mounts, enable fine, high-resolution alignment of the optic to the optical beam. There are unique fixed or adjustable mounts for each different type of optics to be held: mirrors, lenses, filters, prisms, beam splitters, and more.

OptoSigma offers the largest selection of translation stages to meet virtually any application.  For example,  we have the most bearing options of any manufacturer, including  EXC™ precision bearing, ball bearing, crossed-roller bearing, linear bearing, and dovetail bearing.  Additionally, they are available in materials ranging from brass, aluminum, tool steel and stainless steel. If one of our many catalog stages does not meet your requirements, send us a request for a custom stage.  OptoSigma is, after all, the industry leader in translation stages.

We offer a wide range of hard-coated optical filter products and accessories that support the life science, laser and optical system market. We manufacture optical filters for fluorescence microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and laser systems as well as our own filter holders.