ultra compact global shutter sCMOS camera

With the pco.panda 26 DS sCMOS camera you get a high resolution, ultra-compact sCMOS camera for particle image velocimetry (PIV) applications. The outstanding global shutter capabilities of the pco.panda 26 sCMOS sensor make it a perfect candidate for effective double imaging – a prerequisite to perform all types of Particle Image Velocimetry measurements in flow analysis. In PIV, light scattering particles are added to the flow under test. A laser beam is formed into a light sheet, illuminating the scattering particles twice with a short pulse at a time interval Δt. The lower limit for this time interval is defined by the double shutter interframing time of the camera. The scattered light is recorded onto two consecutive frames of a high resolution digital camera.

SC-10 systems are based on the SC-10 main unit and cover a very large range of applications thanks to their flexibility. With a time resolution of 2 ps, a very high temporal resolution streak system is available. The main unit itself uses a fused silica input window, maintaining sensitivity well into the UV range. Deflection units for triggered and synchroscan operation are available. A configuration with a second deflection unit for expansion with an orthogonal time axis is also possible. SC-10 systems are well suited for applications in the field of time-resolved spectroscopy and offer a wide range of options for optical coupling.

at the cutting edge with cooled back-illuminated sCMOS

Innovations aren’t always about having that one big new idea. Unique technology also comes from evolution, combining existing and new technology. When our tried and trusted pco.edge series pools forces with modern back illuminated (bi) sensor technology, the result is our pco.edge 4.2 bi. The adjustable cooling system allows the use of air or water to cool the sensor down to -25 °C. At this temperature, the dark current is reduced to 0.2 e-/pixel/s. According to your application you can choose an input window specialized either for the UV or VIS range. High resolution and 6.5 x 6.5 μm² pixel size guarantees high-quality images with quantum efficiency up to 95 %. The pco.edge 4.2 bi incorporates a powerful USB 3.1 interface complementing its performance.

Runner systems take advantage of the wide range of CamPerform-Cyclone cameras and combine them with a control unit. This offers systems that are very flexible due to the availability and interchangeability of the camera. Like all other solutions of the CamRecord series, a large ring buffer is available for pre- and post-trigering. Several cameras can be operated synchronously with each other. Completed by standard components like monitor, keyboard, mouse and lens a ready-to-use camera system is available.

compact design, strong sCMOS performance

The pco.panda 4.2 heralds the start of a new sCMOS camera generation. What exactly does that mean for you? Universal application options thanks to an ultra-compact camera housing! Power and fast data transfer occur via a single USB 3.1 cable. External power supplies are redundant. You benefit from excellent image quality provided by the 16-bit sCMOS sensor with its high resolution and 6.5 x 6.5 μm² pixel size. High quantum efficiency and low readout noise are guaranteed. Advantages of pco.panda 4.2 include