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Aurora II Integra OPO 

An innovative, fully motorised, type II BBO OPO and Nd:YAG pump laser integrated into a single system.
Features: Tuning range 410-710 nm and 710 nm to 2.3 µm, UV harmonic option for 205-419 nm, Linewidth < 3 cm-1
Applications: Photo Acoustic Imaging, Laser Induced Fluorescence, Photobiology, High Resolution Spectroscopy, Non Linear Spectroscopy, Remote Sensing,Process Monitoring, Combustion Research, Display Manufacture and Testing
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The Plasma Series
Features: 50 to 450mJ at 100Hz fully diode pumped lasers with class leading 0.2 % RMS at 1064nm pulse stability.
Applications: Semiconductor annealing, Semiconductor and display inspection, Laser shock peening, Laser lift-off, LCD repair, Ti:Sa pumping, Laser cleaning, LIBS & LIF

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FPSS Nd:Yag Laser

High Power Series - LPY Series

The LPY series of pulsed lasers has been designed to suit almost any industrial or research application in which a high-energy or high-specification Nd:YAG laser is required.
Features: Rugged invar stabilized construction, Modular design, Birefringence compensation, Injection seeded option, etc.

Applications: LIBS, LIF, PIV, Spectroscopy, LIDAR, OPO Pumping, Materials processing.

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DPSS Nd:Yag Laser

LDY series
Systems are constructed on Litron’s self supporting invar stabilized rail, ensuring reliable industrial performance.
Features: High power, Rugged industrial design, High Energy 527nm, etc.
Applications: Metal marking, Plastics marking, Cutting, Precision scribing, etc.

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PIV Lasers

Bernoulli PIV

The new bernoulli PIV from Litron is the most advanced plug and play’ PIV laser system available today.

Features: Rugged, Reliable, Portable, Intelligent.

Applications: PIV, LIF.

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