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MIRcat-QT Rapid-Scan, Ultra-Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Laser

The new MIRcat-QT adds high-speed tuning, higher spectral repeatability, improved thermal management, and longer-wavelength options to the field-proven MIRcat laser system. A true one-box, fully automated system, MIRcat-QTs flexible, modular design allows users to factory-configure their system for up to four pulsed or CW/pulsed modules, upgrade it later, or add a visible aiming beam.

Application: Photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS), Hyperspectral imaging, Combustion diagnostics, Bio-medical imaging & diagnostics research, Atmospheric remote sensing, Nanoscale imaging, Breath analysis, Standoff detection research (e.g. explosives, toxic industrial chemicals), Materials characterization, Infrared countermeasures (IRCM) research, Illumination

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