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Power meter / Energy meter

Laser Power and Energy Meters

Coherent offers a broad line of laser power and energy meters to suit the needs of numerous different types of customers with work environments ranging from R&D and manufacturing to universities and field service. 

Features: High damage resistance, High repetition rates, Large active areas, and Low noise, etc.

Applications: Research, Manufacturing , etc.

Details & Specifications

kW PowerMax-Pro Sensor

Kilowatt class power measurement with extended average power handling capability up to 3 kW with a 30 microsecond rise time and utilizing the same transverse thermoelectric thin-film HD sensor technology as our standard PowerMax-Pro sensor.

Features: Very Fast 30 ?sec response time,Measures high average power to 3 kW, Large 30 mm active area, Less than 1% back reflection, QBH adapter available for Class 1 measurement

Applications: Power measurement, General laboratory applications, etc.

Details & Specifications

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EnergyMax Laser Sensors

Coherent EnergyMax sensors enable laser pulse energy measurement over a broader range of wavelengths, repetition rates, pulse energies and beam diameters.

Features: High accuracy and large active area, Enable pulse energy measurements from 50 J to 250 mJ, Long-term damage resistance, etc

Applications: Energy measurement, etc.

Details & Specifications

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